Board and Batten, Painting, Trim and Custom Closets… Oh My!

My beautiful new freestanding tub!

My beautiful new freestanding tub!

Guess what???? I have a bathtub!!!!

My beautiful new freestanding tub!

My beautiful new freestanding tub!

After the plumber installed it, he was so impressed he took a photo on his iPad!!  It was actually pretty funny listening to him install it. There were some choice words, lots of sighing and a bit of head scratching. But he did it. It’s in, it’s beautiful and by Saturday it will usable. Woo hoo! When my husband saw it his response was “now that’s a bathtub.” Of course he followed that with “I don’t understand why you get so excited about a tub.” My sister made a similar comment. Let’s face it – I love bathing. I love soaking in a tub, so getting this massive beauty is pure joy. I know not everyone cares about tubs but I do – especially a freestanding tub. So beautiful. But enough about that.

I said earlier this week that I would finish up my board and batten this weekend. Well I’m almost there!

Caulking the board and batten

Caulking the board and batten (it’s cold in Texas this morning and this was the best outfit I could put together since my closet is still inoperable)

Last night I caulked and sanded the back wall. This morning I caulked the stairwell and once it dries, I will sand and caulk it. And then????? Priming and painting and I WILL BE DONE! Well maybe not completely finished (I still need to add the wainscoting cap) but I can do that next weekend.

After I knock out the board and batten project, I have to get the trim cut and painted for the bathroom and then start putting together the center section of our new closet system (yes, we are taking on building a custom closet unit). Last night I worked on painting the bathroom doors black (I have a small obsession with black doors).

Painting the Black Doors

Painting the Black Doors

It’s going to be a busy weekend but I’m so close to knocking out a few projects so I’m really excited to get this weekend under way. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll have some “after” pics!

*Sorry for the low quality pics. My camera battery was dead so we had to rely on the iPhone.


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